April 01, 2016 



Where are you right now?
I’m at my home in Bled, Slovenia.

What time is it now?
Early afternoon. I just did some gardening and I’m waiting for lunch now.

What is the view from the window?
The neighbors’ houses, mountains and blue sky. It’s a really nice sunny day.

What colour would you choose for your today’s mood?
I don’t really associate colors with moods but if I really had to choose one it would probably be green.

Perhaps would you tell us about the environment where you were raised in your childhood/teen years?
I lived in a couple of small, quiet towns when I was younger. We usually had a big garden and I have really fond memories of those times.

Where do you live now?
I live in the northwestern part of the country, near the mountains. I’m thinking about moving back to the capital.

Would you tell us the name of a flower and its colour which blooms in your hometown?
I love trees, especially conifers, but I don’t know a whole lot about flowers. I really like forget-me-nots that sometimes bloom in our garden – they have a lovely pale blue color.

Do you have a place you can call spiritual home? If yes, please tell us about it.
The area I’ve lived in my whole life is a spiritual home of mine in a way. It’s a beautiful landscape, full of mountains and forests.

What is your favorite season?
I don’t really have one. I love winter because I really like to ski, autumn is nice because it’s so quiet and the air is so fresh, and summer and spring are great because everything is so lively then and they make you feel like anything is possible.

What is the precious thing/time in your daily life?
Spending time with my girlfriend, friends and parents and spending time outdoors.

How would you spend time during a day off, and also a working day?
I don’t have a steady job which means that I don’t really have working days and days off. If I don’t have much to do, I usually go hiking or skiing and then meet up with people in the evening. A busy day usually involves some writing at home and maybe going to the radio station where I work part-time.

What is your favorite fashion style, and tell us about the favorite piece from your wardrobe?
Casual – black jeans and a good quality shirt. My favorite piece is a black Oakland Raiders Starter jacket. I’m kind of into old sports memorabilia, jerseys and jackets and whatnot, and I think that early 90s Starter jackets look really awesome. This one is black, so bonus points for that.

Do you remember when you took a picture for the first time?
I remember taking a photo of my mom when I was quite young, like six years old or something like that. We still have it in our photo album and it’s a pretty weird one – it’s very severely tilted.

What would you try to catch when you are taking a photograph?
A certain mood or an aesthetically pleasing moment.

When you take a photograph, what attracts you as an object?
All sorts of things, people and concepts. It’s really hard for me to explain my process, there really isn’t anything specific behind it. I feel something and then I take a photo, it’s as simple as that.

What camera and a roll of film do you shoot with currently?
Contax T2 and Kodak Gold 200.

Do you have a favorite photo book?
Not really, I prefer browsing through my favorite photographers’ tumblr feeds.

Which photographers do you particularly respect?
People like Jimmy Chin who really push themselves to get the results they want and all the photographers who have a clear personal vision and stick to it.

What a film/ book/ music/ person/ thing inspires you now?
I love Pinegrove’s new record “Cardinal”. The last book that really inspired me was Primo Levi’s “The Monkey’s Wrench” and I was very, very impressed a couple of months ago when I watched a Chilean movie called “El Botón de Nácar”.

What place did you shoot for niuhaus for Autumn&Winter 2015?
I shot this project in a small forest near Ljubljana International Airport.


Would you tell us about how the shoot went?
It went smoothly. We drove there, I shot two rolls of film and we left. I didn’t have a special game plan, I only had something like five specific shots in mind and I wanted to showcase the pieces as best as I possibly could. Also, it was quite a chilly day and the model was a bit cold, so I wanted to wrap the whole thing up as soon as possible.

Please tell us about the relationship between you and the model?
She’s my girlfriend. The Niuhans shoot is the only one we’ve done together. I hope we can do more in the future, but she’s currently very busy with her studies.

Would you tell me what is your impression about Japan?
I like Japan a lot. I visited Tokyo and Kyoto a couple of years ago and I desperately want to go back real soon! I love your culture and the people too. Your national character suits me very well. Aesthetically, I am very fond of the interesting mixture of the traditional and the modern that one can find in Japan.

Do you have a place where you would like to visit for shooting?
Yes! I’d love to visit remote places like Antarctica, Greenland and Svalbard. I think they’d fit my style quite well.

Lastly, is there any news you would like to announce? or what plans do you have for future projects?
I have a couple of project for clients that I have to finish and then I hope I can focus on some personal portraiture work.












定職があるわけではないので、仕事をする日時は決まっていませんが、ライターの仕事やラジオ局でパートタイムの仕事をしているときは、一日中忙しくしていています。休日になると、 いつもハイキングやスキーへ行って、夕方は友人と会ったりしています。

ブラックジーンズに上質なTシャツといったカジュアルな格好が好きです。特に愛用しているのは、 黒いオークランド・レイダーズのスターター・ジャケットです。私は一昔前のスポーツを思い起こさせるような、ジャージやジャケットに凄く惹かれるんです。90年代初めのスターター・ジャケットは本当に素晴らしいと思います。




Contax T2とKodak Gold 200を使っています。


Jimmy Chinのような、結果を得るために自分自身を駆り立てているような写真家や、自身の明確なビジョンを持っている写真家たちが好きです。

Pinegroveの「Cardinal」というニューアルバムがとても好きです。最近読んだ中では、Primo Leviの「The Monkey’s Wrench」という本にインスピレーションを受けました。それに、「真珠のボタン(原題:El botón de nácar)」というチリの映画にもの凄く感銘を受けました。









Jaka Bulc / ジャカ・バルク
1989年生まれ。スロベニア・ブレッドを拠点に活動する写真家。2012年にリュブリャナ大学社会学部を卒業後、写真家としてキャリアをスタートする。また写真以外の活動の他、執筆やラジオDJなど多岐に渡る。ウェブマガジン『C-HEADS』や『Coeval Magazine』にて作品を公開。 おもな個展は『GOLDEN (2012, KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana)』『NIANSE ČAKANJA (2015, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana)』

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March 31, 2016 



Selvedge Cotton Hemp Denim (12oz)

82% Cotton, 18% Hemp

Made in Kojima, Okayama, Japan

For 5 Pocket Jeans (PT46/PT47/PT48/PT53)

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March 19, 2016 



Available at

2F 3-23-24, Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
tel : + 81 (0)52 251 6680

1F 1-7-13, Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
tel : + 81 (0)3 5728 7140

3F 2, Kita 5-Jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
tel : + 81 (0)3 6418 4412

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March 14, 2016 



Where are you right now?
Right now I am at home in Ljubljana. It’s Sunday evening and I just came home from a long family lunch and I am making plans for the upcoming week.

What time is it now?
It’s 7 pm and today was the first winter day which smelled of spring.

What the view from the window?
We live on the 4th floor of a building overlooking a bunch of small family houses with lights turned on. It’s dark, peaceful and quiet.

What a colour would you choose about your mood of today?

Perhaps would you tell us about the environment where you were raised in your childhood/ teen years?
I was born in Slovenia which was then part of Yugoslavia. My parents come from Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina. I spent my childhood in all of these countries. For me it was a fantastic time, we were all part of this big socialist republic, we had little but we were happier than today. I spent my summers at the Adriatic sea, in the wintertime we went skiing to the Alps, we rode bikes around our big housing complexes and we watched Czechoslovakian cartoons. I felt carefree and safe all until the war and disintegration of Yugoslavia in the beginning of the 90’s.

Would you tell us the name of flower and its colour which blooms in your hometown?
There are many magnolia trees that blossom in light pink.

Do you have a place you can call spiritual home?
Yes, it’s Fazana, a small fishing town in Istria, where my parents have a summer house. My bedroom overlooks a palm tree on the town square, every morning seagulls wake me up. It’s a very calm place. Feels like time stopped 50 years ago.

What is the precious thing/ time in your daily life?

How would you spend time during a day off, and also a working day?
On a day off I would take a hike in nature, I would read a book from my 1 million books to read list, I would go to the movies or just spend a day in my pajamas eating cakes and listening to music. On a working day I go the office I share with my boyfriend, we run a small bike accessory company. We have an office in a former tobacco factory which is now a coworking space. We keep our doors closed when we are busy and open when we wish to interact with the interesting people who work there.

What is your favorite fashion style, and tell us about the favorite piece from your wardrobe?
Jeans, white shirt and cashmere crewneck sweater. My favorite piece is a beige silk blouse which belonged to my grandmother.

What is your favorite season in your hometown?

Do you remember when you took a picture for the first time?
I remember taking photographs of my hamster all the time when I was 6 years old.

What would you try to catch when you are taking a photograph?
Certain emotion, sincerity, spontaneity, unpretentiousness, effortless beauty.

How did you start in fashion?
I don’t see myself as a fashion photographer and wouId not like to be perceived as one. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion and enjoy doing fashion shoots but I don’t enjoy most editorials and fashion photography in general. I love fashion shots made by artists and not directed by big fashion brands. That’s why I really appreciate the way niuhans is working with different photographers who are allowed to express themselves and portray the pieces as they see fit. I think this has worked very well for the brand so far and adds a whole new dimension to the clothes themself.

What camera and film do you shoot with currently?
Contax T2 and Contax G2, I use Kodak Portra 160 or 400 and Ilford.

Do you have a favorite photo/art book?

What a film/ book/ music/ person/ thing inspires you now?
Bosnian traditional music called Sevdah, Wisława Szymborska’s poetry, Enzo Mari’s furniture…

What place did you shoot for niuhaus for Autumn&Winter 2015?
I shot Nena in park Tivoli in Ljubljana. It’s a big park in the center of the city where I take a walk at least once a week. I shot Klemen at the marsh on the outskirts of the city. That place is magic, the light there is really specific.

Would you tell us about how the shoot went?
Really cooI. I worked with people I know so it was really comfortable, we were just walking around and chatting while I was taking photographs.

If you don’t mind, tell us about the relationship between you and the model?
Nena is my good friend and one of the most darling, warm and good hearted people I ever met. Even though we are not able to see each other often due to our busy schedules I know we’ll be friends until the rest of our lives.

What is your impression about Japan?
What stood out to me and was really charming is the 90’s patina of Japan. The yellowed plastic, the brown tinted glass, they’re witnesses of once technologically very progressive society which couldn’t withstand the passing of time despite its best efforts.

If you had a month to travel, where would you like to visit?
I would go to Scandinavia and Iceland. I’ve never been there.

Lastly, is there any news you would like to announce?
Australian publisher Bloom publishing is going to publish my zine 『Pharos』 with photographs I took at the Croatian island Hvar. I am really excited about that. And I’m having a baby in May.
















カメラはContax T2とContax G2、フィルムはKodak Portra 160か400、紙はIlfordを使っています。

Thomas Ruffの「JPEGS」です。

Sevdahというボスニアの伝統音楽、Wisława Szymborskaの詩、Enzo Mariの家具です。







オーストラリアのBloomという出版社から、『Pharos』というzinを出版します。Hvarというクロアチアの島で撮影したものを収めていて、とても楽しみにしています。 それと、5月には赤ちゃんを出産する予定です。


Ada Hamza / アダ・ハムザ
1984年生まれ。スロベニア・リュブリャナを拠点に活動する写真家。 近年、オーストラリア・メルボルン拠点のインディペンデントパブリッシングレーベル『Bloom』から、作品集『Pharos』を出版。またスロベニアのレザー工房にて上質なレザーとクライミングロープのみを使用したバックパックレーベルを立ち上げるなど、写真以外のフィールドでも精力的に活動する。

March 01, 2016 



What time is it now, and where are you right now?
It is 11.23. I’m in the airport of Stockholm, Sweden on my way back home to Paris.

What the view from the window?
My views are the planes on a snowy runway of the airport.

What colour would you choose for your mood of today?
My mood is white as snow and fog.

Would you tell us about the environment where you were raised?
I grew up on a farm in Fåvang, Norway. It is situated in a valley with a river an mountains on each side. It was a lot about nature ( I used to go fishing a lot) but also about the life on the farm. We had cows for milk production. I was obsessed by birds, and would study them in the garden and the forests near by.

Would you tell us the name of flower or its colour which blooms in your hometown?
Yellow flowers comes to mind….

Do you have a place you can call spiritual home?
I guess my spiritual home is the place were I grew up. I feel like the nature, and the river is still a big part of me.

What is your favorite season?
I would say early spring is my favorite. Right before the leaves comes out, and life starts over again.

When did you move to Paris? and what was the motive of living in Paris?
I moved to Paris in 2011. I came to Paris to learn more about a different culture and language, and I still feel that it is a place where I learn a lot. It has a lot of culture.

Do you have a favorite place in Paris?
I’m not sure that I have a favorite place in Paris, but I love to sit in the cafes to look at people. Many neighbourhoods are nice in different ways.

How would you spend time during a day off, and also a working day?
I spend a lot of time with my family,( my two kids and my wife) but working with pictures is also a big part of my life and the pictures are always in my mind. I go to the studio every morning, like it was a regular job, and I spend the evenings weekends and holidays with my family.

What is your favorite fashion style, and tell us about the favorite piece from your wardrobe?
I love a good wool sweater. My mom used to knit classical Norwegian sweaters for me and my sisters, and I still use them as soon as it gets a bit cold outside.

Do you remember when you took a picture for the first time?
The first picture that I remember taking was a landscape with my parents Kodak instamatic camera. I still have the photo somewhere.

What would you try to catch when you are taking a photograph?
I think I try to capture some sort of vibration, a feeling, or an essence of a moment, but I like it to look effortless.

How did you start in fashion?
I started to do some fashion after seeing magazines like ID and Purple in the 90s. I was so different, and I felt like it was something that I could relate to. After a while I got in contact with Purple magazine, and that is how it started.

What camera and film do you shoot with currently?
I still use my old Nikon a lot, an FE2 (with portra film) , but I also use more and more a Canon 5D.

Do you have a favorite photo book?
There are so many nice photobooks, but I can’t think of a favorite one. The last one I bought was the new book by Anders Edström. It is very nice.

What a film/ book/ music/ person/ thing inspires you now?
I think inspiration come from everywhere and everything, but I listen to a lot to Norwegian jazz these days. Bugge Wesseltoft, Arve Henrikesn, Håkon Kornstad, Nils Økland…

Would you tell us how the niuhaus’ shoot for Spring/Summer 2015 went, and what the relationship between you and the models?
It was an nice and warm day, and we had some friends over for lunch. We were hanging out niuhans’s clothes in front of the place where I live, and I asked them to help me to do the pictures for Niuhaus. I was just realxed and easy going. Kind of just playing around. Madoka in my wife, and Somanad is a good friend that we see a lot.

What is your impression about Japan?
As my wife is Japanese, Japan has become a very important country for me, a kind of second home. I love to be there, and i always felt in place and at home in Japan.

If you had a month to travel, where would you like to visit?
If I had a month of traval maybe I would walk a pilgrim rout in Japan. To me it sounds like a dream.


11時23分です。 ストックホルムの空港に居ます。スウェーデンからパリへ戻るところなんです。















良い写真集が多過ぎて、とても1つには絞れませんが、つい最近Anders Edströmの新しい写真集を購入しました。素晴らしいですよ。

あらゆる場所や物事からインスピレーションを受けていますが、Bugge Wesseltoft、Arve Henrikesn,、Håkon Kornstad,、Nils Øklandといったノルウェー・ジャズを最近よく聴いています。





Ola Rindal / オラ・リンダル
1971年、ノルウェー生まれ。パリを拠点に活動する写真家。 『Dazed and Confused』『Vogue』『Purple Fashion』『Acne Paper』『Apartamento』等、数多くのエディトリアルで撮影を手掛ける一方、『Louis Vuitton』や『Maison Martin Margiela』等のキャンペーンやカタログなどでも活躍。主な作品集『Tokyo Flowers』(2014)『Distance』(2014)『Blindness』(2013)『Clair de nuit』(2012)

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February 24, 2016 



What time is it now?
It’s 8:19 on a Saturday morning. Breakfast time, complete with coffee and peanut butter toast. My husband is sitting across from me working on his computer as well and my two-year-old daughter is running around the house like a wild woman yelling “ELEPHANTS!” which are her current obsession.

Where do you live?
I live in Tucson, Arizona. After spending several years in California, I decided to move back to Tucson. While I was growing up here I thought it was boring to live in an area that was so underdeveloped and behind on technology. I wanted to be around more job opportunities, stores, and what I thought was culture. But, now I appreciate the slower desert culture. I crave time spent in the middle of nowhere and I think the land is divinely unique.

What the view from the window?
Directly outside my window and across the street from our house is where a famous mariachi player grew up, Lalo Guererro. Next to that are two giant, abandoned adobe homes. If you’ve seen my Instagram( ), you’ll notice I take photos of those homes all the time. I can’t help it! Their patina is so gorgeous.
Our neighborhood is one of the oldest developments in the Southwest. It feels like it does’t really belong to any time period at all and it’s just sort of a timeless zone. Most of the homes are mud adobes. Our house used to be a market, there’s still a painted sign on the exterior that says, “Root Beer 5 cents.”

Where were you born?
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Would you tell us about the environment where you were raised?
I’ve always been a desert girl. When I think of my childhood, I think of waking up early in the summer for swim practice and staying at the pool all day because it was just too hot to do anything else. During the rest of the year we spent a lot of time outside, catching lizards, roller blading, riding bikes. My dad put up a basketball hoop for us, but it was surrounded by cactus so, if a ball was thrown out of bounds it likely wound up flat and with cactus stickers all over it. Often, the basketballs got stuck deep inside a maze of prickly pear and it wasn’t worth it to get it back. I call my parents front yard the Basketball Graveyard now.

Do you have a place you can call spiritual home?
Tucson and the surrounding Sonoran Desert. It’s where I’ve physically spent the most time in my life and I feel psychologically connected it. In the spring and winter it’s sunny but cool and crisp so, I feel energetic and productive. When the temperature starts to creep about 100 degrees, we spend less time outdoors. I become introverted, unmotivated, it’s a time that feels like its never going to end. In mid-july big rainclouds start to conjure and frustrate in the sky. They tease of rain for a couple weeks and then all at once they finally pour and the monsoon season starts. There’s incredible lightning and thunder shows. The dry dusty streets become small rivers. Cacti swell fat and happy. I become alive again, more alive than before. I hate the summers here but I love feeling connected to the gifts and hardships of the land.

Tell us the name of flower and it’s colour which blooms in your hometown.
There are many flowers here, contrary to what people often assume about the desert. In the spring cacti have very elaborate flowers, there are valleys of orange poppies on the desert floor. But my favorite may be the Palo Verde tree. It has green branches and bright yellow flowers. It looks sort of psychedelic when it’s in bloom, like something out of a Dr. Suess book.

How would you spend time during a day off, and also a working day?
Every day I work and everyday I find time to relax. While photography is a skill that plays into a lot of what I do, my work life isn’t limited by that title. We own and manage two vacation rental apartments, we are opening a small neighborhood coffee shop, and are also in the process of curating an online store that will segue into a brick and mortar store next year. Our constant juggle can feel chaotic but at least it’s not stagnant. I keep my focus by prioritizing time to run, which helps me think straight. At night, I relax by cooking my family a healthy dinner, after my daughter goes to sleep I go to a yoga class and then take a long hot bath. My evening ritual helps me feel refreshed for the next day and sends me into a deep sleep.

What is the precious thing/ time in your daily life?
Trail Running. When I’m out in the desert alone for miles and miles, I can find a cadence and rhythm in my breath and step. I use every single muscle in my body and I can actively meditate without distractions of everyday life. It’s clarifying and invigorating.

What is your favorite fashion style, and tell us about the favorite piece from your wardrobe?
I love clothes that look better the longer you wear it. Clothes that are so well made and so timeless that you can wear it for years and years and years, until one day it just becomes an extension of you. My husband has owned this red backpack ever since I’ve known him. He rides his bike everywhere in Tucson and always has it on. You can see it in many photos I’ve taken of him, many published photos too! He’s really inflicted his energy into that dang backpack. If it ever got to the point where it was totally unusable, I could never throw it away.
I also love clothing made out of natural materials like hemp, cotton, leather, wool, linen. I almost always wear handmade leather sandals or boots from mexico. I have an affinity for hand knit wool socks, and chunky sweaters. I love naturally dyed t-shirts. I think their character wears more nicely, they’re usually made with integrity and generally have a the most beautiful texture.

What is your favorite season?
Definitely the spring. I’m a like a bee drunk off of the desert flora. I cannot stop taking photos in the spring. I love to take a road trip into eastern texas and drive through flower fields and swim in natural pools. I love, love, LOVE, going for trail runs in the spring.

Do you remember when you took a picture for the first time?
We always used disposable cameras growing up. I my friends and I used to dress up and take “fashion photos” just for fun. Haha, I was probably 11 then. When I was 16 I learned how to use a manual camera and develop my own film. I distinctly remember the first photo I printed and watching the latent image appear, I remember that adrenaline rush. I still get it when I take a photo and know it’s going to be good.

How did you take an opportunity to start as a professional photographer?
After a year or two of experimenting with photography in high school, I won an international photography contest for best black and white portfolio. It was the only hobby I was passionate about that could earn me a living so, I dived in head first and attended Brooks Institute of Photography for college in Santa Barbara, CA. From then on photography has always played a part in whatever job I’ve had. And I’ve always felt the need to photograph life for my personal portfolio.

What would you try to catch when you are taking a photograph?
Documentation of a fleeting, inexplicable force is interacting with the environment in a beautiful way. I like to call it Supernatural Norms- it could be a spirit, a gust of wind, the form of a plant, a glimmer of light, that creates momentum in the frame and aligns all the moving parts to have just the right rhythm. It’s a mundane scene that feels alive and like you are exactly where you should be during that 1/125 of a second. The power of photography is to realize when you’re seeing art and to preserve it.

What camera do you shoot with currently?
Different cameras for different reasons. I only shoot digitally when it’s for video or a very commercial style project. I When I shoot fashion or for myself I still use the Pentax K1000 I had in high school. I believe in film because I make sure I take the right photo rather then take a million digital shots. I own large format cameras, but found that I shoot so quickly and spontaneously and I need my camera to be small so I can easily bring it everywhere I go. I also don’t like to draw too much attention to myself when shooting. People get intimidated by large cameras. Sally Mann is truly a goddess for using an 8×10.

Do you have a favorite photo book?
The easiest answer is, no. But I would love to delve into a copy of Joel Meyerowitz’s Wildflowers one of these days.

What a film/ book/ music/ person/ thing inspires you now?
Graciela Iturbide, The Quilts of Gee’s Bend, Georgia O’keefe’s homestead, Bobbi Gibb, southwestern herbalism, Brian Eno, Ballet.

Where did you shoot for Niuhans Spring&Summer 2016?
In Topanga Canyon, California. I happened to be there, taking a break from the desert heat when I was asked to shoot for Nuihans.

Would you tell us about how the shoot went?
So fun. The model and I are great friends. We cruised around Topanga and found that giant cactus. Then we drove down the coast and found an incredible plant store, which is where most of the pink shots were taken. I shot it all with daughter, who was one year old at the time, strapped on my back in a baby backpack- which is how a lot of my work gets done now.

If you don’t mind, tell us about the relationship between you and the model?
My dear dear, Kat Borchart. We met at our first day of school at Brooks Institute of Photography and have been glued together ever since. She spends much more time behind the lens rather then in front of it and is an incredibly talented photographer. Even though we currently live in different cities, we’re in touch a couple times a week, we call each other if we’re stuck in traffic or have any sort of dilemma.

What is your impression about Japan?
That is a great question. I think about Japan a lot but have never been. I think I would really enjoy some country sides of Japan but, Tokyo sounds way too overwhelming! When I think about Japans smaller cities, I image a very wabi- sabi approach to life. I imagine feeling healthy, drinking teas and eating sushi (my favorite meal, that isn’t so great here in Tucson). I imagine an appreciation for simplicity rather then a grandiose lifestyle and that makes me feel a wonderful sense of calm. I also love the idea of Japanse bath houses. I wish my own bathroom was inspired by a Japanese bath house. I’d love to visit.

If you had a month to travel, where would you like to visit?
The islands of Greece.

Lastly, is there any news you would like to announce?
I photographed a book last year and it was just released! It’s called A Wilder Life, it’s a season-by-seaon guide to getting in touch with nature.




家の向かいは、有名なマリアッチ奏者のラロ・ゲレーロが育った場所なんです。その隣には、2軒の空き家になったアドビハウスが建っていて、古びた壁の色が凄くかっこいいから、いつもその家の写真を撮っています。私のインスタグラム( )を見れば、何のことだか分かるはずです。
この辺りは、いかなる時代にも属していないっていう感じで、ある意味タイムレスな場所だと思うんです。お隣さんなんて、南西部で最も遅れてる人の1人って言ってもいいくらいなんです。この辺の多くは、土でできてるアドビハウスで、我が家は嘗てお店だったんです。今だに「ビール 5セント」っていう文字が壁に残っているんです。


私はいつでも「desert girl」なんです。夏は朝早く起きて、暑過ぎて他に出来ることがなかったから、水泳とか、一日中プールに居たりしてました。夏以外は屋外で、トカゲを捕まえたり、ローラーブレードをしたり、自転車に乗っていました。ある時、父がバスケットリングを取り付けてくれたんだけど、そこら中にサボテンが生えていたから、ボールをバウンドしてもペチャンコになっちゃって、サボテンのトゲだらけになったり、しょっちゅうウチワサボテンの迷宮に入って、取り戻せなくなりました 。今では実家の庭のことをバスケットボールの墓場って呼んでいます。

ツーソンと辺りに広がるソノラ砂漠です。実際に人生で最も過ごした場所で、精神的にも繋がりを感じる場所なんです。春と冬は、よく晴れ、寒くて、清々しいので、エネルギーに満ち溢れます。逆に気温が100度近くなると、外出せずに、内向的で、やる気もなくなっちゃって、このまま一生暑いんじゃないか?っていう気になるんです。7月の半ばには、雨雲が唸り始めて、空を破壊して、数週間は雨の涙を流すんです。それから一気にモンスーンが始まって、 物凄い雷が落ちて、乾燥した埃っぽい道が小川に変わります。サボテンが大きく育って、ハッピーになるので、また生き返ったみたいに暮らすことができるんです。ここの夏は苦手だけど、大地の恵みを感じられるのは本当に素晴らしいです。









目的に応じて使い分けています。動画や凄く商業的な仕事の撮影では、デジタルカメラを使いますが、ファッションフォトや自分の作品では、高校の時からずっと使っているPentax K1000を使っています。デジタルカメラで何万回も撮るより、フィルムの方が、良い写真が撮れると思っています。大きなカメラも持っていますが、いつでもどこでも、撮りたい時にすぐ撮れるコンパクトなサイズのカメラが使い易いですし、カメラの方に人の意識を向けるのも好きじゃないんです。大きいカメラって驚いちゃうでしょう。だけど、サリー・マン(アメリカの写真家)は、8×10(エイトバイテン)の神様だと思います。







「A Wilder Life」という、季節ごとに植物を撮り下ろした写真集を発表したところです!


Krysta Jabczenski / クリスタ・ヤブゼンスキー
1986年、アメリカ・ニューメキシコ州アルバカーキ生まれ。現在はアリゾナ州ツーソンを拠点に活動する写真家。 おもなクライアントに『Wilder Quarterly』『Free People』『Gather Journal』『Edible Baja Arizona』『Stella Artois』『Zocalo Magazine』『Seasons Magazine』『Tucson Lifestyle』『Of The Afternoon』 『Cairo』『Prism』『Hotel Congress』『Maynard’s』『This is Paper』等がある。 またウェブマガジン『Miss Moss』や『Free People』にて作品を公開。

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February 01, 2016 



“It’s 1:31pm, I just got back from lunch with a good friend. I’m at my studio space on Lafayette street, in downtown New York City. The window faces Grand Street and I see a lot of water falling from all the building around here.  We had the 2nd largest snowstorm in the history of this city and the weather today is lovely and warm and all the snow is melting rapidly.”
We received the answers back from Marcelo Gomes at 4:07am in Tokyo, it was just before the sun rose in the most silent frozen moment.

Where do you live?
I live in Boerum Hill, in Brooklyn.  On Pacific Street.  I just got back from a job in Mexico City.

Where were you born?
I was born in Belém, Brazil.  It’s a small town near the Amazon, it rains there everyday.  I didn’t grow up there so my memories are sparse.  I remember my grandmother’s small rose garden and this lush smell of rain coming.

Perhaps would you tell us about the environment where you were raised in your teen years?
I grew up in Fortaleza, Brazil.  It is a beach town in the northeastern part of Brazil, it’s really close to the Equator line and because of this the seasons are not clear — it’s summer all year around.  I remember feeling that time didn’t seem to pass (I suppose that’s a common feeling among teenagers living in quiet places) because of the fact that the variation of the time the sun would set in winter vs. summer was something like 20 minutes.

Tell us the name of a flower which blooms in your hometown, and its colour.
It’s called the Victoria Régia (Victoria Amazonica), and it’s mostly white.  Though there are other colors.  It’s really extraordinary.

What is your favorite season?
Summer, always.  If I could I’d chase it around the globe every year.

Do you have a places you can call a spiritual home?
It’s going to sound very strange, I’m sure, but I think the only place I can call home is New York City.  It’s not very spiritual, I understand, but it’s the only place where I feel like I can call home (in any sort of way).

What is the most precious thing/ time in your daily life?
Exercise became a really important thing for me.  I finally figured out a way that I’m going to exercise for the rest of my life, and I really enjoy it.  It helps me clear my head, and come up with new ideas, softens sadness, bring me joy.  It’s a big part of my daily life.

How would you spend time during a day off, and also a working day?
I’ve been a freelance artist for a little while now and because of it weekends blend into the week and my routine doesn’t change much.  Sometimes I stop by the studio on a Saturday after exercise to work on something personal, or get through scanning some film from a recent trip, or just get a headstart on a busy week.

What is your favorite fashion style, and the favorite piece in your wardrobe?
I don’t know if I have a fashion style.  I don’t think I necessarily like fashion (the idea that there are ‘trends’, and people dressing the same, etc…), but I do really enjoy clothes, nice fabrics, etc…  I finally got a winter suit, and I really love it.  It’s a navy blue herringbone wool suit.  I wear all the time.

How did you start as a professional photographer?
I realized that I wanted to do it whilst working at Index Magazine.  It was there that I found out about all my favorite photographers at the time —  Wolfgang Tillmans, and Mark Borthwick, and Takashi Homma.

What do you try to catch when you are taking a photograph?
I want to make pictures look like paintings.  And I want it to have a particular texture and movement and honesty.

What camera do you shoot with currently?
I shoot with a pair of Leica M6 cameras.

Do you have a favorite photo/art book?
I don’t think I have favorites but I really love the Ettore Sottsass book of photographs called ‘Metaphors’, and recently I got (I don’t buy a lot of art books anymore, I buy books with words in them more often) Yuichi Yokoyama’s ‘Ourselves’, which I think is just beautiful.

Where did you shoot for Niuhans Spring&Summer 2012?
That was such a great assignment.  Daisuke (Designer of Niuhans) had asked me to shoot for colour, and he ended up dyeing some clothes in the collection according to the particular magenta mix of colour that were in the pictures I gave him.  I shot those flowers pictures in Brazil, and I shot a friend, Florencia, here in New York.  I’m still very proud of those pictures.

Tell us about the relationship between you and the model, Florencia?
Florencia is a friend, someone who I think is really beautiful.

What is your impression about Japan?
Japan makes me feel like I’ll never truly understand it, and this feeling makes me want to come back more and more.
I’ve done a lot of growing up whilst visiting Japan.  It’s a quiet, meditative time for me.

If you had a month to travel, where would you like to visit?
I’ve never been to Turkey and would love to go.  I’d like to go on vacation to the Seychelles.

Lastly, is there any news you would like to announce?
I’m coming to Tokyo soon.  I have my first solo show there mid February.  I’ll send you the precise date soon.






オオオニバスという花です。 多くの種類は白ですが、他にも様々な種類の色もあります。でも、本当にびっくりするような花ですよ。

















Marcelo Gomes / マルセロ・ゴメス
2003年にニューヨークに移りINDEX Magazineで働く。そこで、Mark Borthwickに出会い彼の元でアシスタントとして働く。 2008年にフリーランスとして独立し『Apple』『Ace Hotel』『Mr. Porter』『Opening Ceremony』『Toms』『Samsung』『Levi’s』等のブランド広告やキャンペーンを手掛ける。 『The New York Times』『New York Magazine』『Harper’s Bazaar』『Dazed and Confused』『Double』『Index』 『The Journal』『The Last Magazine』『Teen Vogue』『The Wire』『Sup’ Magazine』『Modern Matter』『W Magazine』『Inventory』『Too Much』といった、世界中のファッション誌やカルチャー誌で多岐に渡り活躍中。作品集は『Love and Before, Green and After』(2008) 『Taciturn Heart』(2010) をHasslaより出版。

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January 29, 2016 



The Berlin Wall (Berliner Mauer)

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