April 24, 2019 


Román Yñán, a photographer who works on a universal theme of everyday life and his family. The image of the niuhans Spring / Summer 2019 collection is presented as part of his “Familiar series”, showing a moment that is close to his image.

Where are you right now?
In my house-study

What the view from the window?
The view of an interior courtyard, typical of the city of Barcelona

Do you have a place you can call spiritual home? If yes, please tell us about it.
Photography are my loved ones is the most spiritual home. For me photography is a way of relating with my loved ones. It’s like that, I can’t help it. I think that I’ve reached the point where photography can’t be separated from my life, neither my life from photography. This is what my work is about, if it can be called a work.

What is the precious thing/ time in your daily life?
The possibility of spending my time in a calm and reflective way. Stop the time you could say! Photography helps in that…

How would you spend time during a day off, and also a working day?
My work is an attempt to make disappear the line that separates photography from life. In nature things happen, there is no separation. “It’s happening”. Here and now. That’s what my journals and my work are about. It is a way of making life visible. Every moment is absolute, every moment unrepeatable. Everything shines full of possibilities if we are attentive.

What camera and roll of film do you shoot with currently?
For this niuhans shooting, i used a pentax 67 II with kodak portra film amb some hand made color special filters

What is your favorite photo book?
Any photobook by Takashi Homma is very interesting. I keep with special affection a copy of Tokyo and my Daughter, it’s a great little book!

Where did you shoot for niuhans?
The place is Maçanet de Cabrenys, a little precious village on the north of Catalonia, behind the French frontier. The river is the Muga river. It was a fantastic day of vacation in the company of my friends and my family. Real Sooting day!

If you don’t mind, tell us about the relationship between you and the model at the Spring Summer 2019 niuhans shooting?
Yes sure, it’s my son! The idea was to introduce clothes in my work in a natural way, with in my family series* * “Familiar Series” presents a series of photographies which Román Yñán has made about his daily life with his wife Sonia, and his chidren, Tomás and Elsa. Through the example of his own family, Román suggests a photographic research about the family in a universal sense, which is something that we all recognize and experience in one way or another. (Text by Ana Schulz)

What is your impression of Japan?
It is one of my favorite places in the world! full of contrasts, good people and love towards photography and books! I really want to go back, soon …

Do you have a place where you would like to visit for shooting?
It would be interesting to go back to Japan, to visit and photograph the north. Hokkaido …

Lastly, is there any news you would like to announce? Or what is the plan for your future projects?
I have been working in my photographic diaries and series for a while. Preparing a small collection of photobooks. Soon!

日常と家族といった普遍的なテーマをもとに制作活動を行う写真家、Román Yñán。彼の映像に近い感覚にとらわれる瞬間が映し出されたniuhans 2019年春夏コレクションのイメージは彼の作品、“Familiar Series”の一部となって届けられました。





写真と生活の境界線をなくすことが私の仕事のようなものだから、自然にそうなるし、オンオフの分け隔てはありません。 時折日常の中で自然に起きることが私のジャーナルや作品に反映されているからね。それは人生を可視化する方法でもあるし、すべての瞬間は絶対的なものであり、すべての瞬間は再現不可能と理解できるんだ。私たちが注意深くなれば、すべてが可能性に満ちて輝いていると気づくはずだよ。

今回niuhansの撮影で使用したカメラはpentax 67 II、フィルムは「kodak portra」、あとは特別に手作りしたカラーフィルターを使っているよ。

ホンマタカシの写真集はどれもとても面白いと思う。特に「Tokyo and my Daughter」という小さな本が素晴らしい!

今回の撮影では、スペインとフランスとの国境にあるMaçanetde Cabrenysというカタルーニャ北部の小さな貴重な村で撮影をして写っている川はMugaというんだ。本当に素晴らしい撮影日和でね、同僚の友人と私の家族みんなで休暇に撮影したんだよ。


*“Familiar Series” は、Román Yñanが妻のSoniaや子供のTomás、Elsaとの日常生活を取り下ろした写真のシリーズ。Romanは彼自身の家族という被写体を通して、普遍的な意味での家族という概念を捉えている。それは彼の作品から我々が何らかの方法で認識し、経験することができるものだ。(Ana Schulzによるテキスト)




Román Yñán

 / ロマン・ヤン
1976年、スペイン・サント・アドリアー・ダ・バゾス生まれ。バルセロナを拠点に活動する写真家兼編集者。2013年、The Open House Project Galleryにて写真展“Hello, my name is Román Yñán and I take pictures of my family”を開催。

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