August 17, 2018 


“niuhans’ AW2018 collection’s photography was taken by a French photographer, Vivien Ayroles who is from Marseille, the oldest port of France built by the Greeks in the 6th century BC.

Ayroles expresses Japanese aesthetics as “too wet”.
A unique dry tone arouses something nostalgia in his work, a feeling of contemporary touch, sharpness and texture are fascinating.

Where are you right now?
I am in Marseille, working on my computer, sitting in the kitchen of my apartment.

What the view from the window?
I can see the whole South of the city buildings, football stadium, trees, towards the moutains.

Perhaps would you tell us about the environment where you were raised in your childhood/ teen years?
I was born in Burgundy in a rural town, famous for its wines. Then my parents moved to the South of France, still a wine production region. We always had a big garden, and in Provence, part of the garden was for me to plant and take care of. I began collecting succulents and cacti, they are quite big now !

niuhans often dyes clothes with botanical colors. Would you tell us the name of flower and its colour which blooms in your hometown?
During summer, it’s really dry, so almost the only flower blooming is the Oleander. Mostly pink, but also red, white, yellow… There are also a few wildflowers like the Arabian pea.

Do you have a place you can call spiritual home? If yes, please tell us about it.
There is a not really a place, I’d say many rocky, dry, with golden grass, and a lot of sun places could be a spiritual home. I love the Mediterranean region, and it’s where I feel good.

How would you spend time during a day off, and also a working day?
I drink tea every morning and almost every afternoon. In a day off or in a working day. I can’t really say any more than that. I like hiking but I cannot do it as often as I would like to.

What is your favorite fashion style?
I don’t know, something comfy. I like short shorts and tight jeans.

Do you remember when you took a picture for the first time?
I don’t remember.

What do you try to catch when you are taking a photograph?
I try to catch something that moves me. That I can explain or not. It’s not always beautiful as someone would mean it, but there must be some beauty in it that attracted my eye and made me want to photograph it.

What camera and roll of film do you shoot with currently?
I mostly use a Mamiya 7II with 400 iso Kodak Portra film.

What is your favorite photo book?
If I have to pick one I love to go back looking at it, it would a book by Jean-Luc Moulène, Fénautrigues. It’s about a very small town, only a few houses really, where his family come from. He had been photographing it for about ten years, at any time of the year, following four paths that goes in four different directions.

Regarding niuhans shoot, where did you shoot for niuhans?
I shoot in Malmousque neighbourhood in Marseille. On the exact place I go to swim, on the rocks along the sea. It was in February, on a windy but sunny day.

Looking back the shooting, would you tell us how the shoot went?
I went well. I am not use to photograph clothes or fashion portraits. So it was challenging.

If you don’t mind, tell us about the relationship between you and models at the shooting?
My model, Iris, is a dear friend of mine. I met her a the Arles School of Photography, and now she’s living in Marseille too. She helped me a lot, trying to find poses, and interesting points of view.

What is your impression of Japan?
I have never been in Japan, I know it from literature and movies. So my impression is a beautiful country, but too wet for my liking.

Do you have a place where you would like to visit for shooting?
I would like to visit Crete and to go back to Lebanon.

Lastly, is there any news you would like to announce? Or what is the plan for your future projects?
I am very happy about my last project, a photographic conversation with photographer Valérie Jouve. It is called “Marseille, Jéricho” as she was shooting in Palestine, and I was shooting in the Northern neighbourhood of Marseille. They are both two very Mediterranean cities, and it’s about the way people live/occupy a place they would call home.
It’s been shown in Arles this summer and we will present it this Autumn in Marseille and hopefully in a lot of other cities !

紀元前6世紀にギリシア人が築いたフランス最古の町マルセイユ出身のフランス人写真家、Vivien Ayroles(ヴィヴィアン・エロール)にニュアンス 2018年秋冬コレクションのイメージ写真を撮り下ろしてもらいました。

日本の美学を”too wet”と表現する彼の作品からは、独特な乾いたトーンとどこか懐かしさを喚起させる現代的な鋭さと手触りが感じられる。








主にMamiya 7IIとKodak Portra(ISO 400)フィルムを使用してるよ。







つい最近、写真家のValérie Jouveと写真的な会話のプロジェクト、“Marseille, Jéricho”を発表したことにとても満足しているよ。Valérieはパレスチナで撮影し、僕はマルセイユの北部地区で撮影したんだ。お互い地中海に面した街で、人々が暮らす生活風景を撮影した作品なんだ。今年の夏にアルルで、秋にはマルセイユで展示の開催を予定しているよ。うまくいけば他の多くの都市でも発表できたらと考えているところなんだ!

Vivien Ayroles

 / ヴィヴィアン・エロール
1986年、フランス・ブルゴーニュ生まれ。エクス=アン=プロヴァンス政治学院にて政治学を学んだ後、国立高等写真学校(アルル)にて写真を学ぶ。フランス・マルセイユを拠点に活動するフォトグラファー。2016年、フランスの写真賞『ラ・ブルス・デュ・タロン』にてファイナリストに選出。現在、Palais de Luppé(アルル)にて写真展“Marseille, Jéricho, une conversation photographique”を開催中。

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